Duke of Edinburgh Life Cooking Skills Course


We got off to a great start on my Duke of Edinburgh Life Cooking Skills Course on February 3rd. It’s a seven session course designed to give the teenagers the life skills they need to be able to prepare and cook healthy food for themselves.

The first session was cooking with eggs and learning about food safety and knife skills. We cooked Mini Pavlovas, Egg Fried Rice and a Spanish Omelette.

So you might be asking are Mini Pavlovas really healthy? Well they do have a fair amount of sugar in them but they are designed as treats. Much better a home cooked treat with just a few ingredients than a shop bought treat with a huge long list of ingredients with preservatives etc. etc.

Back to my lovely group of teens. I started off with 5 and have done a catch up session with one new joiner so am up to my maximum of 6 for session number two this Saturday. Looking forward to cooking with spices plus talking about what spices different countries use in their cooking.





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